LarkFEST a 35 year tradition for downtown Albany, will have a special act playing there this year.

Rock band The Relationship out of Los Angeles and founded by Weezer guitarist Brian Bell will be playing the 35th anniversary this year on Lark Street. The date will be September 24th and of course as always this event is free to the public.

What you can expect are awesome performances by not just The Relationship but also by Ought, Lower Dens, Delicate Steve and the Televisionaries as well.

I've attended multiple a Lark Fest and always have a great time. Lark Street anyway is fun with all the different business and storefronts there. Plus the vibe with the brick intersections its just awesome. This year it will be from 10 AM to 6PM with many vendors including artisans. Food and drink stands will be on hand to. Find out more at the link below.