There is a New York pride that the people of the Capital Region have that is different than the rest of the State and these 2 songs prove that.

As I was scrolling through Instagram the other night I stopped on a page featuring a song specifically about the Capital Region called "The Ballad of Albany" and another called "The Song of Troy". Do you remember these 2 gems?

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The Instagram page, Albany Things is where I found these songs along with a collection of posters, t-shirts and even Christmas ornaments. The page is a fun stroll down memory lane but these 2 songs in particular "caught my ear". Have you heard these before?

The Ballad of Albany appears to have been produced as a 45 with a label that reads "Your Coca-Cola Bottling Company Presents" and a note on YouTube suggests that the song was recorded in the 1960's.

When I was just a little Nick my daddy said to me, remember long but learn it quick this town of Albany is New York's home of beauty and folks without a peer. That is why our founding fathers put that Capitol building right here. Sing a song about my home Albany, my home Albany. Won't groan, Albany is the place I want to be.

How about "The Song of Troy"?

Nestled deep inside New York is a town you can take pride in. Smaller, but like your hometown, one you'd like to reside in. On the Hudson River is where it can be found. Oh Boy! That's Troy! That's my hometown

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