The 2024 Scripps National Spelling Bee competition has been decided. According to the New York Times, 12-year-old Bruhat Soma from Tampa, Florida is this years champion.

These spelling bee contestants perform under the pressure of a world-wide audience, on stage with the task of spelling words such as "psammophile". I don't know what that means let alone how to spell it with out doing a google search. Which word would you guess New Yorkers have the most trouble spelling?

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Technology has made life easier with information literally at our fingertips. One quick search of "How do you spell....." and you have the answer. Before we get to New York, here are some of the words other states search most. Aren't these words we learned in Kindergarten?

  • California - "pretty"
  • Connecticut - "monster" (maybe 1st grade because it's scary)
  • New Mexico - "quiet"
  • Tennessee - "field"
  • West Virginia - "because"
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The word that New Yorkers search "How do you spell..." is Aesthetic. In complete transparency I spelled it wrong as I typed it and allowed the computer to correct me buy New Yorkers do know how to spell "pretty".

After looking at all 50 states and the words they struggle with I would say New Yorkers have the least to be embarrassed by. Aesthetic is easily the most challenging of the 50 and, let's face it, the fanciest word on the list. Here are some others that get a pass.

No shame in searching "How do you spell...":

  • Washington - "Hanukkah"
  • Arizona/North Carolina - "colonel"
  • Georgia - "principal vs. principle"
  • Alaska - "squirrel"

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