New York State is so big it would take approximately 8 hours to drive from Long Island to Buffalo, for example. Imagine all the interesting things you would see along the way. Unique destinations such as the World's Smallest Church in Oneida, NY or the World's Largest Kaleidoscope in Mount Tremper, NY.

As rare as those places are they aren't nearly as intriguing as the sight we stumbled upon while on a recent daytrip through Ulster County. What would you do if you saw a half deer-half man kneeling in-front or a sea creature? I took a picture but what the heck is it?

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My girlfriend and I decided to spend some time in Woodstock and Bearsville, NY where we saw the usual attractions, shops and restaurants. Leaving town we decided to head west toward Mount Tremper. Somewhere on that journey, in a wooded area but in plain sight, we saw it but what is IT.

We saw a half-deer-half man kneeling in-front of a fishbowl which contained a sea creature, perhaps a mermaid. Is this a satanic symbol? The Illuminati? Cervitaur? What? I was too afraid to get closer for a better picture. This is what I captured.

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After posting the picture on social media and collecting some feedback they mystery has been solved. This is a sculpture, called "fishbowl", created by New York artist Kathy Ruttenburg.

Part of the 2019 Broadway Mall Association's 'in dreams wake' exhibit, this "fishbowl" piece was one of six site-specific sculptures placed on Broadway in Manhattan between 64th Street and 157th Street.

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