It's that time of year again where the beer turns green, or you can get the kind that totally sticks to your insides.  When hot for the St. Patrick's day fun, which beverage to you prefer?


When it comes to St. Patrick's Day, you see people primarily drinking beer.  Usually it comes down to the two kinds we are going to be chugging on St. Patty's day, the glorious green beer or the pride of Ireland, Guinness.  Either one is an acceptable St. Patrick's Day drink, but which one is more beloved?

Generally you can drink the green stuff all day long, while Guinness sits inside of you like a brick.  A couple hours of Guinness and you would of no doubt gained weight, and want to take a coma.  Now when it comes to taste, you can't beat Guinness.  Something about the green beer is just unnatural, but we like it anyway.

If you consume a few pints of Guinness, you'll probably go to the green beer and never even know the difference.  So which of these is the better St. Patrick's Day drink?