We have quite the large state as far as counties go. With a whopping 62 of them it makes it hard to top any list. However we have one standout and it ranks at No. 1 among the state's healthiest counties.

Now this study, done by the folks at County Health Rankings, doesn't just base this off the eating behaviors, which is where my mind first jumped. It is also based off life choices and incidents such as smoking and alcohol related driving deaths.

Saratoga County ranks among the top in almost every category and is indeed the healthiest county in our state! I am sad to see the county I was born and raised in didn't fair so well. Apparently, in Rensselaer County, we are a bunch of fat asses! It ranked at No. 32. None of the other local counties even cracked the top-30!

I will suggest to eat more salad, drink less booze, quit cigarettes (have you tried vaping?). Go to the doctor more often because I will not change my lifestyle one bit to get my county up there. Please, if you can change your life choices so I can brag that I'm from a healthy county.

For the entire analysis check out the link below.