So, Whats the big deal? Is it a religious thing? Is it a cup-isseur thing? I dont get it, And when I don't understand something that seems to be a hot topic I turn to Stephen Colbert.

So I'm not a huge Starbucks person myself, mainly due to weird names. I don't want a venti, I want a large. Why go and further complicate the process. So they release a red and green cup. Those are what I would consider to be Christmas colors and we are approaching that time of year.

So whats the big issue? Is it that there aren't any snowflakes or snowmen depicted on the cup? If so it snows all winter. Christmas and the holiday season aren't the only time of year to capture snowflakes or build snowmen. We live in the northeast!! We have 6 months dedicated to such.

Enough of my rambling, Check out the expert below.