In his first stint as an American Idol judge, Steven Tyler says that 'Idol' will not only be good for Aerosmith but it will also push his career over the top.


Steven Tyler openly admits American Idol isn't very "Rock n Roll" but he believes that him being apart of it will take Aerosmith up a few notches.  Tyler recently sat down for an interview with The Daily Beast to talk about 'Idol' and what and if there is anything going on with Aerosmith.

Tyler has so far loved his experience with American Idol and thinks that the exposure he gets when 40 million people watch will be good for his band.  Joe Perry does not agree.  The Aerosmith guitarist says he doesn't want the bands name associated with it and that its just a step above Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  When asked about Perry's comments on the talent show Tyler said:

Joe's a loose cannon. I don't see how this is going to hurt my career at all. It is just one unreal moment after another. I only hope that they put out the deleted scenes because that's going to really take it over the top. Joe can say what he wants to all day long, and I never really answered it because I thought it was phony.

American Idol premieres tonight 8pm on FOX.  Tyler will be joined be 'Idol' alums Randy Jackson and host Ryan Seacrest along with fellow new judge Jennifer Lopez.  Personally I think the addition of Tyler and Lopez is a great move.  They bring way more to the table than a Paula Abdul or Ellen Degeneres.  Will I be tuning it?  Probably not, but I'll look forward to clips of it on The Soup for sure.

As far as Aerosmith itself goes, Tyler says that most of the band is flying to LA to begin work on a new Aerosmith album.  He says he has been writing and is excited to get back into the studio.  The only snag, no one can seem to get a hold of Joe Perry.  I reported a few weeks ago that Tyler wants to put out a new Aerosmith album (read that blog here), however Joe Perry seems to think that all things Aerosmith are over.

To check out Tylers full interview with The Daily Beast, click here.