Just you ... and a whole group of strangers causally checking out the caverns ... in your birthday suits.

At the beginning of the 21st century a New Zealand television presenter Marc Ellis started International Nude Day as a dare to streak in front of New Zealand’s Prime Minister Helen Clark. Since it's inception the non-official holiday is celebrated in over 30 countries.

This years International Nude Day will be celebrated on Saturday, July 14th and since in most places it is illegal to be nude in public it is usually suggested that you observe this day in the privacy of your own home.

However, this year if you would like to "celebrate the beauty of the human body and embrace naturism" with others one Capital Region attraction is planning an outing for just this sort of occasion.

Listen, I was a little skeptical as to whether or not this was a joke when I first saw it and even called (to no avail because it was after hours) to see if the flyer was legit but tonight Howe Caverns posted a flyer to their Facebook page offering up a "Leisurely Naked Stroll Through the Cave by Lantern Light" in honor of International Nude Day because:

Howe Caverns believes Natural is Beautiful

For just $65 you can make your way through the cave after hours with a bunch of naked strangers, while you yourself are in the buff, with just the light of a lantern. You will also receive a complimentary souvenir robe and adult beverage (I gotta manage you are going to need one to walk naked with a bunch of random people).

Shoes and reservations are required. Don't worry about creepers trying to post candids on the net though Howe Caverns is looking out for your privacy, no cameras or cell phones will be allowed.

If you want to get your reservation in you can check out all the details by clicking here.