Well, in the last article I wrote about marijuana, I had said New York should be the next state to legalize. It seems maybe this may actually happen.

Listen, for me there are plenty of reasons I think the state should legalize weed. One, we need to calm the hell down. Marijuana may just mellow out all of the negative people. All joking aside, the state could benefit financially. The population may stop dropping. Residents of the state may become satisfied with the government in a sense. On top of that, why on earth would you not with all of the findings?

Here is what the study that Governor Cuomo ordered showed. One, the most important fact. It said New York should legalize the recreational use of marijuana.

"There's a lot of variables there," Zucker said Monday. "We weighed them. We looked at the pros, we looked at the cons. And when we were done we realized that the pros outweigh the cons." - State Health Commissioner Howard Zucker - Times Union

There is next to no time to make this happen in 2018 as the legislative period is about to end. Let's hope to make New York the 10th state to legalize weed in 2019. This just puts us another step closer. It also may help the current governor get another term if this is a sticking point to his run. Who knows, that latter part is all speculation on my part.

Read more on the report that Governor Cuomo ordered from the Times Union.