After a solo acoustic tour, not to mention gigs with Godsmack including Q-Ruption, Sully Erna has finally found time to repair his knee that he injured while playing a sporting event.  He tweeted pictures of his stint in rehab.


Having any type of surgery is never a picnic, but Godsmack frontman Sully Erna is handeling it with his usual sense of humor.  He's keeping his fans up to date by tweeting his progress in rehab including pictures, of everything. No news as to how long he will be laid up.

The above picture is of a treatment that Erna is undergoing in rehab.  He is also including pictures of all the people helping him along the way.  The wonders of social media.  Glad to hear Sully is doing well, and we wish him a speedy recovery.  make sure to stay up to date with all of his updates from rehab by following him on twitter and his official website.

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