As a kid who grew up reading comics, I always wondered why there were no real life super heroes. It seems so easy. Just get a costume and run around helping people. I've found some movies on Netflix that have asked the same question (Super, Alter Egos), and even found that some people are roaming the streets fighting crime (Superheros).

Not everyone should be roaming around the streets in masks.

There are always strange people in Times Square, costumed or not. Recently the police have been having "Elmo issues" with a rising amount of masked people looking to get tips for posing in tourist photos. Sometimes it doesn't go right, and you end up seeing the police take down Spider-Man.

(Warning! There's some NSFW language in the video as it turns out Spider-Man's kryptonite are handcuffs and swear words):

England is also 'protected' by costumed do-gooders. The 'Nottingham Batman' recently broke his silence, after being spotted around town hanging by his ankles. His goal is to become a 'figurehead of fun'.

Hopefully the existence of superheroes doesn't force super villains to become a real thing too.

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