Superman crushes the competition once again -  this time, in an auction house.  Remember reading comic books as a kid?  I'm sure you dropped your allowance on a Batman #497 back in 1993 when Bane broke his back. Maybe you tucked away The Incredible Hulk #181 when Wolverine first appeared, thinking, "this will fetch some loot in the future!"  These reads are indeed worth some dough, but the Man of Steel's first comic book sold for a price that will make your jaw drop.

Action Comis #1 - Famously known for the very first appearance of Superman, was published April 18th, 1938.   The first issue of Action Comics had a print run of 200,000 copies and a ten cent price tag.  Today, there are roughly only 100 copies known to exist - and only a few of those 100 are in good condition.  One good copy belonged to actor, Nic Cage.

Cage owned the rare and valuable comic but it was once stolen back in 2000.  After missing for a decade, the comic turned up unharmed in a storage locker. Cage, a huge Superman fan, even named his son Kal-El - Superman's birth name. 

The very same comic was put on the auction block yesterday and the issue brought in 2.16 MILLION dollars!  That is the most amount of money a single comic has sold for. According to's Matt Moore "Twice before it set the record for the most expensive book ever, selling for $86,000 in 1992 and $150,000 in 1997."  From 150K to 2 Million in 14 years - nice investment, Cage.

Makes me think twice about walking by the comic book rack in the store this weekend.  How about you?  You still own any comics from your youth?