Happy Easter to everyone! Whether you celebrate Easter or not, you can pitch in to help Japan recover and rebuild. Eastern Eggs is a site that has collaborated with artists and the British Red Cross to seek help for Japan.

The site states:

Easter eggs are a symbol for rebirth and the start of a new life. Over the coming months and years, Japan has to rebuild - Not just a country but homes, families and lives.

By buying an Eastern Egg, we'll donate the proceeds to the Red Cross - Japan Tsunami Appeal.

There are several artists to chose from and their designs are placed on wooden eggs. The eggs only cost £10. That's pretty cheap for purchasing a piece of artwork. Although the pieces aren't handmade by the artists themselves. The video shows how the artists' designs are applied to the eggs. For those of you familiar with the printing process, technically these pieces will have original content in them, as printers often have "happy mistakes."