Smash your finger or stub your toe lately?  You probably most likey yelled a few expletives, felt better and moved on.  Researchers have found out that yelling a few swear words can actually lessen upexpected pains.


Researchers from Keele University found that swearing can release pain-killing endorphins, so it really does make us feel better.

171 students were divided into two groups, one who swear (at least 40 swear words a day and one that doesnt (under 10 swears a day)

Students were asked to put their hands into ice water and keep them there as long as possible.  At first, uttering a non-swear word, then again while repeating a swear word of their choosing. The study revealed that students who swore were able to keep their hands in water longer, establishing a link between swearing and an increase in pain tolerance.

Dr Richard Stevens who conducted the survey stated.

You stub your toe, you let fly with some expletives and you move on. But as our new study shows – if you overdo casual everyday swearing, then it seems that you would not get the benefit of letting fly with an expletive at that moment when you injure yours.

To be honest, cursing makes everyone feel better -  go ahead and speak like a drunken sailor it will ease the pain.

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