This guy has got to be kicking himself right now!

If you or someone you know likes college basketball you're probably aware that March Madness is indeed madness and that people literally spend ridiculous amounts of time researching the stats on the players and the teams in the NCAA tournament in an effort to fill out the perfect bracket. With some BIG money at stake in some of these brackets you can almost understand why.

Of course there are those that pick their teams using silly methods like best team mascot or colors and things of that nature. Then there are those that fill it out for fun (#72 in the company bracket challenge, hollar!) much like one gentlemen from Syracuse.

Imagine this guys surprise when he logged on to check his bracket standings after kind of forgetting about it to find that he is TIED for 1st place out of over 500,000 entries! There's only one problem ... Dude totally forgot to finish his bracket and DID NOT pick a winner! Doh!

I could not imagine being that close to $50,000 and realizing there is zero chance of staking claim on it. Man, that has to hurt.

The peeps over at got a chance to talk with the man himself feel free to click HERE to read what he had to say about the whole situation.

The FINAL FOUR goes down this weekend and even though I had SU losing in my bracket last week and it will likely ruin the rest of it if they win this week, I'll definitely be rocking my Orange gear at the Cult show Saturday to show support! GO SU!