That was definitely not the snacks the family were expecting to get in the mail...

With Americans lives getting busier and busier by the day entrepreneurs have been taking notice and turning our lack of personal time into business opportunities. One such business that has been growing in popularity over the last few years is mail order food subscription services.

People barely even have time to cook for themselves anymore let alone go shopping to buy the ingredients to do so. So these services will send you everything you need to make a meal or in this specific case a stash of snacks to get you through to your next meal. However, with their latest box one Tannersville family got a bit more than they expected in their snack pack.

Along with their bimonthly stash of nutritional snacks like honey-drizzled cashews and honeycomb oat flapjacks they found a stash of Marijuana in a vacuum sealed bag! The worst part about it though was that it was her 11 year old son who had opened the snack package!

According to CBS 6 Albany the family contacted the subscription snack provider (Graze) and they said their video footage of the box's packaging doesn't show any tampering so authorities are looking into tampering possibilities at the pot office, I mean post office.

I am not sure if this incident is going to help business at Graze or hurt it but I feel like it could go either way.