Star Wars has been the basis of computer games for some time now and those games have always been popular. The upcoming Star Wars: The Old Republic, the massive MMO Roleplaying title due out sometime next year is expected to be a huge hit. But here's a game that isn;t even being developed by a major game studio or even on the radar because it's a student project, but it's pretty awesome.

Fleet Commander is the work of Arthur Nishimoto, a computer science student. He wrote the game to be used on a 16 mega pixel multi-touch wall display. The display works a lot like an iPhone or or iPad with sweeping touch movements and taps. Using these, you control 2 fleets. The Rebel Alliance and the Imperial Navy. X-Wings, Tie Fighters, Mon Calamari cruisers and Star Destroyers as well as the Death Star, are all under the command of 2 players to do battle in space.

While this game isn't even being developed to be released, it shows you where games are heading in the future. When I saw the videos of the gameplay, I was floored. It looks almost like the scenes in the prequel Star Wars movies where they have tactical displays. It was awesome.

Arthur is not just a one hit wonder it for the looks of it either. On his blog, he details the development of not just Fleet Commander but a few other games as well that use these large wall displays. TRON, as well as SimCity are just a couple of them. He's already said to have been contacted by some big game studios, and LucasArts is one of them.

But take a look at these videos for Fleet Commander and I bet you'll be amazed like I am. And which ever studio he goes to, it'll rock!