A scenario that is horrifying to think about and you never want to see happen. Even with the safest precautions, things can still happen.

According to News 10, yesterday around 7:45 p.m. a 14 year old girl who was on the Great Escape Sky Ride was heard in distress as she was hanging mid air stuck by her arms in head. The ride was stopped and below a group of people bunched together to catch the girl and asked her to try to break free and that they would catch her, thankfully that is exactly what happened. Both the girl and one of the people that caught her were brought to Glens Falls Hospital. The man was treated for a back injury.

On a side note I personally hate this ride. To sit there in a chair while moving at the speed of a snail 40 feet in the air. Something more scary about that then an intense roller coaster in my opinion.

The video above from News 10 has footage from the incident. The video may be hard to watch.