One looked at as novelties, electric vehicles now an inescapable part of New York’s future. Governor Kathy Hochul led the charge for all new vehicles sold in the state to be zero-emissions by 2035 on a rule passed in September. Once a space ruled by Tesla, EVs are going mainstream with the Ford F-150 Lightning and Mercedes-Benz EQS.

The problem is that EVs require a whole new infrastructure set, like charging stations and more high-tech operating systems. As electric cars are still relatively new, and so sometimes there can be a bug in the coding that causes a big issue. That’s what led to a recall of 40,000 Teslas this week.

Which Tesla Models Were Recalled?

Tesla Model S Charging
Tesla Model S. Photo: Getty Images

The recall affects 2017-2021 Model S and Model X cars. Tesla reported the voluntary recall to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

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A programming error causes driving over potholes, bumps, and other minor road issues to sometimes register as additional steering assist torque. The Teslas in question then reduce or entire shut off power steering to the vehicle.

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This creates a mild danger for the Tesla driver and those around them, as steering becomes more difficult. If you’ve ever had to steer a dead vehicle, you know the increased effort it takes to spin the steering wheel.

What Do Tesla Owners Need To Do?

Citi Taste Of Tennis Indian Wells 2018
Tesla Model X. Photo: Getty Images for Citi

Model S and Model X Tesla owners can visit any Tesla dealer for an easy fix. The autos’ software will undergo a patch fix to correct sensor misreads. Tesla has not reported deaths or injuries stemming from the operating system malfunction.

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