The Who's Pete Townshend will be performing their classic rock opera in its entirety with the help of a few friends on Saturday, September 2nd and the Q wants to send you to the show!

Andrew H. Walker, Getty Images

In the early 1970's The Who put out a rock opera album called 'Quadrophenia' and this Saturday, September 2nd the Q wants you to see it performed live!

The Who's Pete Townshend will be leading the performance and he has asked a few friends to help him out. Joining him on stage will be, the one and only, Billy Idol as well as the Boston Symphony Orchestra! Let me tell you, I got a chance to see The Who a couple of weeks back and man can Pete jam out! Plus he is a pretty stellar story teller and dude's got jokes! If I remember correctly I'm pretty sure he was taking jabs at himself in regards to his age and his ability to rock. I'm not going to lie I'm super curious to see how these somewhat diverse musical talents come together to bring this album to life.

If you are feeling the same and would like to see this performance go down live at Tanglewood in MA this Saturday you might want to make sure you are rocking with the Q while you work this week. Tune in this week (Mon-Thurs) between 10am and 3pm each day I will be throwing out a keyword for you to TEXT in to WIN a pair of tickets to the show!

Even better, you can get

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When you hear the keyword text it into 518-476-1039 and instantly you are in the running! There will be a new keyword and a new winner every day so you'll have yourself a couple of chances to WIN!

Good Luck!