We all make assumptions about people or places. These days most of us have an opinion about Wal-Mart and their employees. They aren't around when you need them, and if your in need and lucky enough to come across one, they generally have no idea what the hell their talking about.

Recently my 5 year old son and I were in a local Wal-Mart trying to take care of the $5 burning a hole in his tiny pocket and at the same time I saw it as a chance to teach him the value of a dollar. He decided that he wanted some kind of stuffed animal and although their were not too many to choose from, he managed to find a bear that, in typical Wal-Mart fashion, had no price on it. We took it to a scanner and found it to be $10. Now, I know, I could have easily given him the extra money, but this was the perfect opportunity! I took a deep breath and told him he didn't have enough and that he had to put it back.

 What I didn't know is that a Wal-Mart employee was watching and listening to our conversation, and after he returned it to the shelf, she approached us and brought him to the clearance toy section and showed him things in his price range. He was not impressed by anything until he came across a large Cookie Monster. His eyes lit up as we checked out the clearance price .....$20. Sorry kido, you still don't have enough.
He slowly (in heart-breaking fashion)started to put it back and then this rough around the edges employee stopped him and asked if he would take good care of it if he could bring it home. Of course he said yes, and then she did something I never saw coming. She marked it down to $4, put on the new price tag and told him to enjoy it!! He proudly marched to the register, took out his money and bought his own stuffed animal!!
                                                                                                                                                                I may have not been able to teach him a lesson on money that day, but I learned a much more valuable one, never give up on people. As soon as you think it's all about the bottom line in corporate America, some kind lady will happen by and reassure


your faith in good people. Thank you too the over-worked, under-paid Wal-Mart lady who put a smile on both of our faces! 

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