Got Milk?

On the 8th day of Christmas Q103, gave to me, milk, instead of "Maids a milking," Dave poured milk over my head. There was some whipped cream mixed into the milk, of course, and the sugar burned my eyes.

At this point, I would like to declare myself, the new face of "The 12 Days of Christmas," because all of the things that I have been smashed in the face with, or in the case of the phone, beat in the head with, are just the gifts that Q103, has given to me.

The real gift to all of you, our Q103 listeners, and America, is my face.

My face is like a Christmas tree, and Flounder and Dave keep decorating it, with food and stuff, because what else are they going to decorate my face with?

I can't accuse them of being jealous, because they choose my face to be their Christmas tree, I am kind of worried that they will try to take me home and put me in their living room.

Same goes for the Rock Girl and Supreme.

I know that I am pretty, and that people can't resist decorating me, so that they can admire me, but I will not be imprisoned in someone's living room.


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