On the 9th day of Christmas, Q103 gave to me, a face full of glitter, instead of "Ladies Dancing."

If the Rock Girl could dump feathers on my head after, DJ Supreme covered my head with chocolate sauce and whipped cream, we couldn't have her back to dance for me, instead of throwing glitter in my face?

After I received a glitter bomb to the face, I attempted to wash off all of the glitter, but not all of the glitter came off, especially around my eyes.

Before I could go home, to give myself a good, thorough scrubbing of my glitter face, I had to go to the bank, and the grocery store.

I am not one, that usually cares about what others think, so knowing that people would be able to see the glitter on my face was no concern of mine.

While I was out, in my glittery face, I was intrigued by the amount of people that avoided me. Not everyone avoided me, some people gave me dirty looks, the only person who was nice to me, was my bank teller, he seemed to find my glitter face to be very amusing.

Moral of the story is: Underneath the glitter, we glitter faces are people too.