Get ready.. this week is shark week on Discovery Channel and if you can believe it, this is the 25th anniversary of shark week. It's a week dedicated solely to the shark.  Check out the shark week schedule of shows.


Grab a bag of chips and your favorite beverage because this week marks the best point of the summer with SHARK WEEK on Discovery Channel.

It began last night with Air Jaws Apocalypse at 9pm. The episode featured Colossus, a two ton great white shark leapt out of the water to attack a robo-seal.

Monday night is Sharkzilla. The show is about Megalodon, the largest shark ever discovered and about the size of a city bus.

Tuesday night is called 'How Jaws Changed The World'. The documentary relives the film 'jaws' the release and how people began to fear sharks or love them. Followed by '47 Days of Sharks', which is the story of two men adrift at sea for 47 days in a raft among thousands of sharks.

Wednesday night is Shark Fight. The show will introduce viewers to survivors of shark attacks and those who have dedicated their lives to saving sharks.

Thursday night ends shark week, starting with the Great White Highway, where sharks that live and prey in the San Francisco bay are studied. The night ends with a look at the 25th biggest moments during the 25 years of Shark Week.

Enjoy the rest of your summer and if you plan to go to the ocean for a quick getaway before the kids get back to school.. be afraid.

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