Saturday June 13th will be a great day for a beer, as long as you're drinking that beer at the Saratoga Brewfest, and if you are going to the Brewfest make sure you have a toast the Battle of Saratoga for America!


Now that you have an idea, as to what to expect and you know the 6 rules to any Brewfest. I would like to remind you of Dan America's 4 I's of drinking.

Your are not Intelligent  any brilliant ideas you may have while drinking are not as brilliant as they would be if you were not drinking. If you have a brilliant idea while drinking just forget about it and have another beer.

I guarantee you, you will forget about it.

You are not Invisible people can see you, so keep your clothes on and if you have to go number 1, do it where people can not see you. If you have to go number 2 do it where people can not see you.

And if you and your special someone just can't resist the temptation to express your love for one another, right then and there. DO IT WHERE PEOPLE CAN NOT SEE YOU!

You are not Invincible and unless you are Ron Swanson, you will be reminded of that the next morning. I repeat you are not Invincible you are human and prone to all types of injuries.

When drinking if you think that you are Intelligent, Invisible or Invincible then you must be Intoxicated. 

And at the point you must surrender the keys your car. In exchange you get a bucket and another beer.


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