As we end the year and decade, it's interesting to look back on the year to see what's happened in the last 365 or so days. Looking back, some pretty strange stuff happened around here in 2019. Do you remember?

Think back to the last 365 or so days of the year. Do you remember some of the strange events that involved the Capital Region that happened this year?

  • Two women stole flowers from Michelle Riggi's yard and somehow Dog the Bounty Hunter and his wife got involved. They only stole a couple of flowers (yes, I understand it's the principle) but we were so on a wild goose chase for a few days over two women who stole flowers, a bounty hunter got on board.
  • The lost buffalo in Otsego County somehow eluded us. I still have no idea how an entire herd of buffalo, 75 to be exact, go missing. They escaped, walked around, and eventually were found, thankfully.
  • Remember when there was a black bear running free through Niskayuna and Schenectady. This one is the scariest for me since it was in my neighborhood but out of nowhere, black bear in a city.
  • After performing at The Egg, comedian Bert Kreischer made local headlines by referring to Albany as "a dump" and whether you agreed or argued the point, it was funny to hear we made some sort of impact.
  • We made national television when "The Simpsons" decided to take a particular jab at Niskayuna but you can't deny how catchy that Upstate New York they wrote was.
  • Most recently a local Hooters made headlines when a local coach wanted to take his team there after a game. A lot of people on our social media didn't seem to think it was that big of a deal but regardless, people were still talking about it.
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