Recently a challenge had been made in regards to New York's ban on assisted suicide. New York's highest court made an official ruling.

Now many think assisted suicide and have very morbid thoughts. I see it from another point of view. A terminally ill human, someone who is in that state, someone who has been told they have x amount of months to live. Someone in that position may want to possibly have an option of assisted suicide. I mean I still hate thinking about the idea but can understand that ideology.

Well New York State does not. The cut and short is that the court believes they can criminalize assisted suicide. Also that a person doesn't have the right to actually proceed by taking their life in that manner according to the constitution.

"It corrupts the practice of medicine, it puts weak and vulnerable people at a grave danger, it goes against our public health concern for preventing suicides in general. So we agree with the court that listed all the reasons," said Kathleen Gallagher, New York State Catholic Conference, Director of Pro-Life Activities. From News Channel 13.

What are your thoughts, should a terminally ill patient be able to have the option of assisted suicide?

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