Not sure what to do all cooped up in the winter weather?  Well, I for one have been hooked on public access TV true crime stories.  Which has led me to reading a lot of true crime stories and books.  This in turn has both passed the time, but also proved to be as twisted as a horror movie marathon (I should really just stick to rock music).  So when the power goes out again in the winter weather, here’s a few suggestions to scare yourself silly!

  • 1

    “John Wayne Gacy: Defending a Monster”

    Written by Judge Sam L. Amirante and Danny Broderick, this book is not just about one of the most notorious serial killers in history.  It’s the story of the lawyer who defended John Wayne Gacy.  Author Judge Sam Amirante was then a lawyer and friend of Gacy’s, who was a well known community figure asking for his help.  In a crazy story about a notorious serial killer, a young lawyers first case, full of facts, hand written notes, and crime scene photos, this is worth the read!

    Credit: Skyhorse Publishing
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    “Helter Skelter: The True Story of the Manson Murders”

    Written by Vincent Bugliosi [Prosecutor in the Manson case] and Curt Gentry, this classic highlights the Manson Family murders. Included in that are blow by blow accounts of movements and happenings leading up to the murders, during the investigation, and more.  Looking at the murders from a prosecutors lens is fascinating.  The described murders- disturbing.  The photos included- crazy and surreal.  This is the perfect book to be cooped up with on a snow day!

    Credit: W. W. Norton & Company, Inc
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    “The Encyclopedia of Serial Killers (Second Edition)”

    Authored by Michael Newton, this is the perfect book for people who can’t decide what kind of horror story they want.  There’s shorter summaries of different serial killers throughout history, from the Zodiac to the Terminator.  There are snippets of information about types of serial killers, trials, behaviors and more.

    Credit: Checkmark Books (An imprint of Infobase Publishing)
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    “My Friend Dahmer”

    Written by John Backderf, this graphic novel is based in the author’s high school friendship with Dahmer before he began killing the summer after high school graduation.  If you notice, this one is a graphic novel.  Don’t expect all paragraphs.  Because Backderf was an artist.  Also- this story was made into a (quite amazing) movie that creepily portrays serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer in a way that will make you uneasy in your seat.

    (Note- Jeffrey Dahmer is located in the center if the cover of “The Encyclopedia of Serial Killers” in the photo)

    Credit: Checkmark Books (An imprint of Infobase Publishing)