Recently, we asked on Q103's Facebook page to hear the worst of the worst of your concert experiences.  From the bad to the ugly, we asked and you shared!!! First of all- I have to say there were absolutely WAY more stories deserving of being shared than just five.  You are all some dedicated rock fans, and along with the good memories, you have your share of war stories!!!  Reading through- here's our pick of the top 5 worst experiences.  From urination to bad hook-ups, read if you dare!

Xtreme Radio's Holiday Havoc Concert
Credit: Ethan Miller/Getty Images
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    The String of Bad Luck

    "I'm too tired to type them all, but long stories short: getting hit in the head with a beer bottle from a balcony, getting knocked to the floor when an entire floor turned into a pit, a girl jumping on my bf and I proceeded to punch her then I got kicked out.  I'd say those are my top 3"- Alyssa

    ...We'd say Alyssa has quite the string of bad luck at shows!

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    Urination Nation

    "I was at the Mid Hudson Civic Center around about 2000 at a 3 doors down concert.  It was summertime, I was wearing capris and sandals.   I felt something splashing on my foot and assumed it was someone spilling their beer.  Nope... it was some drunk kid peeing.  Ugh!!  I was so mad." - Cindy

    ...need we say more

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    Hooking Up with the Wrong Crew Member

    "Missed Winger because I was making out with a bouncer and he accidentally locked us out of the venue on the fire escape.   Missed Winger and he was a terrible kisser." - Carla


  • 4

    Hot Dog Mayhem

    "Going through all the hassle of getting to Giants Stadium to have Axle cancel the concert because someone threw a hot dog."- Rory

    ...who the eff throws a hot dog?!  I'd be pissed at that dude too

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    The One We Can ALL Relate Too

    "A guy behind me yelled at us to sit down every time we tried to stand the entire show.  Like, this isn't f**king television.  If you want to sit, watch a DVD of a show!"- Garrett

    ...I think we can all relate to this one!  What's more of a buzz kill at a show than someone who's just a total buzz kill