It’s Friday the 13th but The Generation X Files is bringing you the luck of the Irish! Kind of sort of, not really but our very Irish friend Emer Ryan is our very special guest on this episode of The Generation X Files.

In this episode of The Generation X Files we learn what the Irish really think of Americans and what an American thinks of what the Irish think of America.

SPOILER ALERT: I am that American.

I feel that this particular episode is one of our best yet because Tatiana conducts herself in a professional manner in order to conduct a clear and concise interview that is informative and entertaining. Then I, Dan America take all of that professional effort and throw it against the wall where I think there is a window and then keep on going, a dynamic that can only be found in America on The Generation X Files!

In my Generation X Files blogs of the past I eerily put two links, these two.

Lately I have discovered that you can find The Generation X Files on many social media platforms, and that you can just google: The Generation X Files Podcast!

The Generation X Files is available on a lot of podcasting platforms and if you can’t find it and listen to then you’re just lazy or apathetic and you’re what is wrong with America.

Coming Soon:

We are Slackers! (Kevin Smith tribute.)   

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