We may be a little late to the party, but we are the life of it! Recently, I visited DJ Supreme over at Hot 99.1 to talk about gorillas and stuff.

DJ Supreme and I are not professional Zookeepers, but we are professional debaters. I know that we were late to the party on this one, and I blame it on interns because that is what interns are for.

Just in case you missed our other debates, here they are!

This is the one where I make fun of Beyonce for America.

In this one I coin the phrase: "Muffin Made of Stud".

In this one, I make fun of Kanye West.

In this one, I am bald.

Q103 fans may be asking: Where is Candace and Vinnie?

Well apparently, people like myself and DJ Supreme are not cool enough to sit at the 'cool kids' table, but it does not matter because DJ Supreme and I stand and debate! Except for that one time where some weird guy from Michigan tried to make us sit.