The Town Square crossover continues, this time I paid DJ Supreme and Hot 99.1 a visit to declare that the NBA is rigged.


As a Sonics fan and former school yard basketball court regular, and seldom viewer of televised broadcasts of the NBA, I stand by my accusation that the NBA is rigged.

I believe, I do not think or feel although in order to believe I had to have a feeling to think about. The feeling that I thought about was a feeling of being annoyed, Lebron James annoys me and he is not alone, Sidney Crosby annoys me, Bryce Harper annoys, Tom Brady annoys me and John Cena annoys, John Cena annoys me so, so much.

What annoys me about these people is that their popularity was implied before it was established, they are all the products of a marketing machine and we all know that money talks, meanwhile talent must take a walk so that the money can talk America into dumbing itself down because it's the cool thing to do.

It would not surprise me if the NBA helped Lebron James win by allowing his team to stretch the rules, I am not saying this because I am a Warriors fan, like I said I am a Sonics fan and they don't exist anymore.

Why would the NBA help Lebron James win?

Because he is in movies, tv shows and commercials, Lebron James is a draw and it benefits NBA to have Lebron James end Cleveland's sports title drought, because Cleveland has not had a championship team since 1964.

Now Lebron James is a bigger draw because he saved Cleveland.... for some reason that does not sound very impressive or truthful.

Nothing can save Cleveland.

Anyway the NBA is rigged.