Famous Tennessee alcohol brand Jack Daniel's is changing up the look of the infamous label that has donned their bottles of liquor since it was founded by Jack Daniel in 1875.

The new label isn't too different from the original, but I have to say I like the new one much better- it's not as clustered with useless knowledge and it looks a lot sleeker and more professional. A photo of the late Jack Daniel's was added to the bottle as well. 

Nothing else about the brewed beverage is changed- not the recipe, the proof or the taste, which would probably ruin it anyway. The label was the only thing that was touched, according to the Huffington Post:

Gone are the hodgepodge of various brand icons and in their place is a list of four aspects of the brand (mellowed, matured, tasted, awarded) with images. The text has been shortened significantly as well -- no longer is there information about how the whiskey is made, or what the population of Lynchburg, Tennessee is (but it is no longer 361 people like the old label indicated).

Here are the before and after photos:









Are you a Jack Daniel's fan? Which label do you fancy and why?