On this Episode of The Generation X Files: Tatiana, Special Guest Emer and I talk about pets. Together we tackle the issue of Millennials exploiting their pets, we also share our own personal history of pets, you will laugh and maybe cry when listening to our stories on this episode of The Generation X Files.

On a side note, I have noticed that Dog Parks started popping up everywhere in the 2000’s?

I am not complaining about it because I take my dog to a Dog Park and he has a great time, I don’t really, especially when there are other people there because they treat going to the Dog Park as if it’s a social group. I don’t go to the Dog Park to socialize I go to watch my dog run around and poop then I pick up the poop and throw a ball.

I feel that both Generation X and Millineials are responsible for the surge in Dog Parks, however I also feel that Generation X did it for the dogs because they wanted to let their dogs off of their leash so that they can run and jump and play!

Millennials did it for themselves, so that they can say that they're more progressive then Generation X and that is why they started making so many Dog Parks. I could be wrong about the whole thing though.

Another thing that I have noticed is that there are no Cat Parks, indoor or outdoor and there is a very good reason for that: Cat people are shut-ins.

Just kidding!

But seriously why aren't there any Cat Parks?

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