When was the last time you went by the Schenectady Armory down on Fuller Street? Normally it just sits there looking all brownish and stately. This week the Armory is looking more like a fun house that you may or may not want to enter.

What's with the giant clown face at the entrance? I took a ride down there Thursday night to see what's going on.

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The Schenectady Armory is bustling this week as filming has begun on the HBO Max reboot of 'Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin'. When I arrived at the armory I could get close enough to hear the director coaching the extras to be "enthusiastic" and they walked into the building, one more time.

The front entrance is decorated with hundreds of balloons and carnival-like props, including a giant clown face surrounding the front entrance.

Lainie Rae
Lainie Rae

The original series ran for 7 seasons, from 2010-2016, starring Lucy Hale, Ashley Benson and Troian Bellisario to name a few. The Daily Gazette indicates that Niskayuna native Gabriella Pizzolo is also part of the cast.

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Getty Images
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This isn't the first time Hollywood came to the area. HBO was in Troy a year ago filming the series 'The Gilded Age' and showcasing many of the city's period buildings. 'The White House Plumbers' starring Woody Harrelson spent time in Albany last summer collecting footage for the limited HBO series.

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