Yes, it's important to watch the news. Yes, it's important to be up to date on current affairs. Yes, it's important to be educated.  But sometimes, you just need a break.

I don't know about you, but I find myself getting "hooked" really easily, and all of a sudden before I know it, I'm checking the news outlets non-stop on my phone, forgetting to look up and enjoy the day.  That's when I realize- "OK, let's take a five minute time out and enjoy some life."  So with all of the turmoil in the news lately, here are some fun things to do around the Capital District if you do want to take a BREAK from it all!

  • 1

    Get Cool at the "Snowman"

    Head to the 'Snowman' in Troy, NY for some of the best soft serve ice cream of the season.  A walk-up stand on 5th ave in Troy, you can have your pick of homemade ice cream, shakes, and more to cool off and enjoy the summer for a few minutes.

  • 2

    Get Spooked with "Annabelle"

    Head to Colonie Center or Crossgates, or one of the many other movie theaters to take a reality break and get spooked with "Annabelle: Creation."  A truly suspenseful movie about the occult, it not only is a prequel to "Annabelle" and a continuation of the "Conjuring" series, but stands alone on it's own as a true thriller.  It'll keep you on the edge of your seat in a much better way than any news outlet.

  • 3

    Check out some Music

    Sure, Zac Brown isn't coming to SPAC until September 2nd.  But there are still lots of music venues and theaters in the area to check out the music scene.  There are even open mic nights if you want to rip the band aid and perform.  You can check out Albany's guide to live music here:

    (And of course get all of your concert information, reviews, and rock news right here at Q103!)

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    Get Full at the Fair

    The Altamont Fair is going on for a couple more days through the 20th, and frankly there's nothing I love more (aside from live music) than taking a reality break and indulging at a fair.  There are animal exhibitions, games, and more.  Sometimes, family fun is just what you need to escape the dredges of the news.  Get all the info on the fair here:

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    Get Lost in the Preserve

    Get in to nature, and spend some times exploring the Pine Bush Preserve right here in the Capital District.  You can check out the Discovery Center if you want to stay indoors, or be outdoors and explore the approximately 18 miles of trails.  Like much of the geography in New York, the Pine Bush Preserve was formed glacially, but is home to unique land marks for the region such as sand dunes and more.  Get all the info here: