There is a lot of reality type contest shows on TV right now, and I think The Voice is a new take on the whole genre.


When promos first started airing for The Voice I was like, why do we need another singing show?  After it's premier last week I think I am a fan.  Sure it's another talent show format, but the judges have to pick the talent based only on their singing ability.  I know they say that they do that on the other shows, but I do think looks have to do with it a little.  This takes away from a lot of that.

The Judges are Maroon 5's Adama Levine, Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green and country star Blake Shelton.  It's a pretty good variety and the contestants are pretty versatile as well.  I like the fact that they have to judge the people blindly.  Cee Lo and Blake seem to be much more open to everyone as opposed to Christina and Adam who are very picky and are obviously in competition with each other. The fact that these people are being judged by people in the business as opposed to a jaded producer, dancer and washed up back up bass player from Journey makes it totally different.  They even think it will give American Idol a run for it's money.  Only time will tell with that one, but right now I'm pulling for The Voice.