A huge congratulations to John and the crew at Glove City Taxi for winning this week's Work Day Distraction!  While Gloversville was a trek from Albany, it was TOTALLY worth it!  It's so great to meet Q103 fans, and people who work hard and rock.  John definitely fits that category, and I caught him on a quick work break to hand over some prizes for the Glove City Taxi crew and talk music.  What a great day, and congratulations again!!

The adventures didn't end there, and on the drive back I ran in to a few more Q103 listeners.  In fact, as I pulled up to a gas pump, the huge truck on the other side was blasting "Spoonman" by Soundgarden on Q103, and I got to talk some "Free Beer and Hot Wings" with the driver.  If you want your work day crashed with some rock prizes too, just nominate your work place here!