These ladies look like they're about to drop the next hottest album! [Credit: Tatiana][/caption]Congratulations to the Schoharie County Department of Social Services!!!  The Q103 Work Day Distraction reached Schoharie County with tickets, gift cards galore, cd's, TV shows, and more in tow!  To start off, I have to say that these hard workers do amazing things for the community, and deal with a LOT day in and day out.  It was wonderful to be able to present these hard workers with prizes, when they work so hard every day to help out their community and their county.  I also have to say I'm fairly jealous of their prizes, which included a Hooters gift certificate and tickets to go see comedian Nick Swardson at The Egg (May 18th).  Also- these ladies took one amazing picture.  I'm pretty sure they look like a band that's about to drop the next hottest album!

Each week I crash a work place, and each week I crash with different prizes, so make sure to head to our online nomination form to enter to win!

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