Watching a Krispy Kreme doughnut being made in their "Doughnut Theater" is almost as much fun as eating those melt in your mouth, sugar high inducing, delicious treats.

Krispy Kreme has announced that they are opening a HUGE 4,500 square-foot store on the corner of 48th and Broadway right in the heart of Times Square. This location will be huge and unique with New York themed merchandise, a walk up window, stadium seating and will be home to the largest "hot" light in the world. That "Hot Light" is the doughnut equivalent of the "Bat Signal" letting everyone know there are hot doughnuts ready to be devoured.

According to the article in Forbes the new 24 hour location should be opening in the first quarter of 2020 and will offer a unique digital New York experience...and of course lots of fresh, hot, sweet doughnuts.

They expect this location to serve more guests each year than any other Krispy Kreme in the entire world. That's a lot of dough.....pun intended.

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