There's been a lot of recent stories both nationally and locally about children being left in cars with the windows up on hot days while Mommy or Daddy go to a store, etc. Sadly some of these stories have resulted in death.

As I was wondering around on CBS6's website I read an article with 'Tips To Prevent Child Deaths In Hot Cars' and thought to myself "we really need a list of tips for not forgetting YOUR child in the backseat"?

As sources from Connecticut State Police, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the list includes (editorial notes in red):

  • Never leave children alone in a vehicle to run even a short errand. Use drive-thru windows at banks, dry cleaners and restaurants whenever possible. Use a debit or credit card to pay for gas at the pump. (I thought this would be common sense but apparently that lacks in our current society)
  • Put a purse, cellphone or other item you will need in the back seat of your car. This will ensure that you check the back seat before leaving the vehicle. (Wait! So you DON'T forget YOUR child in the back, put a personal item like a phone back there? If you have to do this you don't deserve to have kids)
  • Make a habit of opening the back door of your car and checking the back seat whenever you exit it. (Please note in previous tip)
  • Keep a stuffed animal or toy in your child's unoccupied car seat. Put that item in the front seat when you place the child in the seat as a reminder that the child is in the back of the car. (Yet again, why? I'm pretty sure most kids talk to their parents while in the car so why do you need a stuffed animal in the front to remind you that a little person you gave birth to is in the backseat?)
  • If a child is missing, immediately check the car, including the trunk. (palm to face)
  • If you see a young child who is unresponsive or in great distress alone in a hot vehicle, get the child out and call 911. (Possibly the only tip that makes real sense here)

Have we become that dumb-ed down, distracted society that the basic practice of ensuring the safety of our own children requires these god awful tips? It's a sad day indeed.

Please remember your kids people (and your pets too). It's summer and cars can get extremely hot inside quickly.

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