New York State is a very fertile state! On average there are over 200,000 births each year in the Empire State. That's a lot of babies, now what to name them? Do New Yorkers like to stick with traditional baby names? Maybe the latest trendy names?

Here are the Top 25 Baby Names In New York State for 2023.

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According to the Social Security Department some names are more popular than ever in 2023. Before we get to the most popular babny names in New York State, here is a quick look at the most popular baby names in the Nation.

  1. Liam & Olivia
  2. Noah & Emma
  3. Oliver & Charlotte
  4. James & Amelia
  5. Elijah & Sophia
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Top 25 Baby Names in New York State - 2023

#25 - Jayden & Layla
#24 - Samuel & Lily
#23 - Aiden & Valentina
#22 - William & Sarah
#21 - Logan & Harper

Top Baby Names New York 2023
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#20 - Alexander & Scarlett
#19 - Dylan & Emily
#18 - Daniel & Madison
#17 - Henry & Evelyn
#16 - Matthew & Ella

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#15 - Leo & Gianna
#14 - Theodore & Mila
#13 - Benjamin & Zoe
#12 - Ethan & Chloe
#11 - Luca & Sofia

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#10 - Jacob & Luna
#9 - Jack & Leah
#8 - Michael & Ava
#7 - James 7 Charlotte
#6 - Oliver & Isabella

Top 5 baby names in New York
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#5 - Joseph & Emilia
#4 - David & Mia
#3 - Lucas & Sophia
#2 - Noah & Olivia
#1 - Liam & Emma

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