We have been pretty fortunate so far with a mild Fall season. Temperatures around the Capital Region over the next 7 days will be averaging in the mid-sixties. When that changes, and it will, everyone will want to be in-doors. The list of house guests could range from creepy insects to cagey rodents .

Here are a collection of animals and insects we wish would stay outside but will most likely make their way into your home as the temperatures drop. Apparently they don't want to be outside either.

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In recent weeks my girlfriend has freaked out more and more often. Not because I did something wrong, which was my first thought. She freaked out each time she saw an insect inside the house, even if it's 30 feet away. We have encountered crickets, spiders that jump and some that we can't identify. What's up with this insect invasion?

There are several steps that you can take to limit the number of unwanted pests and guests this winter but it is most likely that some will get in, no matter what you do. Here are some suggestions from Pest Authority.

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According to Cornell University, insects and animals of all sizes will seek the warmth of a home to escape the Winter chill of New York State. Can't blame them. Here are some that you might have seen or will shortly.

Animals and Insects In New York That Will Invade Your House This Winter

Here are some of the animals and insects that, according to Cornell University, just might be invading your home this Fall or Winter, unless they already have.

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