I was born and raised in Troy. My family has been there since they left the boat. I also still technically am a resident. This is the worst thing about the Collar City.

Sure crime is bad. Like at times really bad. It seems like even the area's of the city that people know to be halfway decent areas are turning to doodie. I grew up in an area that wasn't exactly known to be all too good. Northern Drive, right around Corliss Park. Luckily I am no longer in the home my family had lived in for 60 years.

I am more than a lifelong resident, I also used to be an employee of the city too. I was a laborer for the Department of Parks and Recreation. From that position, I saw the absolute worst of the City. What is the worst thing if it isn't a crime?

GARBAGE!! Holy mother of all that is precious this is an issue. There is garbage everywhere. Potato chip bags flying the street and losing scratch-off tickets stuck to the curbs. It is horrible. What makes is so much worse is that Troy was once a very prominent city. A city with a rich history that now just sees its population plummet everytime a census comes out. It is a shame.