What we came to know as Sears department stores started out as a mail order catalog. For 30 years, until the first store in 1925, you could only purchase Sears items from their catalog, which was called "the Book of Bargains".

Until 1993, according to History, you could buy most anything from a Sears catalog including sewing machines, musical instruments, clothing and toys. At one time you could even buy a house from the Sears catalog. Roughly 45,000 still stand today in the United States, including this one in New York State.

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From 1908 until 1940 the Sears catalog offered "kit homes". Once you chose the house design you liked and placed your order the pieces of the home would be shipped to you via train. Everything you needed to build your Sears home arrived pre-cut and ready to be built.

In nearly 50 years time Sears sold approximately 70,000 kit homes across America. In 1908 the least expensive Sears home was Model #52 priced at $782. On the more expensive side was the "Glen Falls" priced at $4398. Here is an example of a Sears house still standing in New York State.

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Pictured above is "the Honor" currently located in Scarsdale, NY. This model was offered for sale in the 1920's for between $2,700 - $3,300. 9 rooms and a bath "already cut and fitted". Price includes breakfast alcove, mantle and siding shingles.

Zillow indicates that this home was sold in 2021 for $1.4 million, which would have been enough to buy 466 of these homes in the 1920's. The Sears Homes for Sale Facebook page believes there are less than 20 of this model in the Country.

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