On April 18, 2024, as reported by the Associated Press, a group of individuals at New York's Columbia University were staging a protest of the Israel-Hamas war when police arrived to break up the encampment. Similar protests has been staged at SUNY New Paltz.

The SUNY New Paltz protest began on April 25th within a roped-off area of campus and the construction of tents. On Wednesday May 1st protesters said they would not be leaving "liberation zone" until their demands are met. See the video below.

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In a video shared on the X social media platform you will see a group of individuals negotiating their demands with University President Darrell P. Wheeler. One demand is amnesty from all sanctions placed on students who have participated in the demonstration.

We’re here for a free Palestine. We are establishing an encampment in line with other universities such as Columbia University. We are moving in line with a larger student movement to protest on our campuses and to press the university to divest from Israel. - Rae Ferrara student protester via The Oracle

University officials notified protesters that the tents needed to be removed by Thursday May 2nd. The response of the protesters, as heard in the video, was to say:

If you call the police on us, like the President of Columbia University did, that is when escalation will happen. It's very simple. The ball is in your court. - SUNY New Paltz protester

The Mid Hudson News reports that the tents remained as of late Thursday evening. That is when the police arrived and began arresting protesters.

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