It seems that internet shopping is killing yet another business. Much like Sears, we are affected in the Capital Region again.

I must admit, I did my shopping online this year. Mind you I needed to get one toy. I originally didn't plan on purchasing my item online but when I went to a Walmart and a Toys R Us to no avail, ebay it was. I know I also wasn't the only one who did that this season. Many people for a multitude of reasons have the incentive to shop for things online. Whether it be pricing or availability. Sadly though that is the main culprit as to why a good handful of these toy stores are closing their doors. 182 in total across the country.

The three stores that are expected to be closed by April at the latest in the are are

  • KINGSTON: 401 Frank Sottile Boulevard (I know it's not the Capital Region)
  • LATHAM: 221 Wade Road Extension
  • GLENS FALLS: 708 Upper Glen Street

Positive, we will still have the Colonie and Clifton Park locations.