Happy Birthday today (Aug. 24) to John Bush (Armored Saint, Anthrax). He’s 54. Other rockers celebrating include former Heart drummer Mike Derosier (66), drummer Jim Fox from The James Gang (70), and we remember Molly Hatchet’s Danny Joe Brown who would have been 66.

John Bush came onto the scene in the 1980’s as lead vocalist for metal band Armored Saint out of Los Angeles, California. He joined Anthrax in 1992 as a replacement for singer Joey Belladonna and was with the band up until 2005, and briefly joined the band again from 2009-2010. He has been active with the band Armored Saint on and off since the band’s reformation in 1999. Armored Saint’s last studio album was 2015’s Win Hands Down. Cheers to John Bush on his birthday today! The 1993 Anthrax album Sound of White Noise is one of my favorite Anthrax albums, which John Bush happens to sing on. I also have seen Anthrax over the years with John Bush and they were some kick ass shows.

For more on John Bush and Armored Saint, check out the band’s official website here.

Mike Derosier
Jason Merritt/Getty Images
James Gang
James Gang/Youtube
Danny Joe Brown
Danny Joe Brown/Youtube

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