Woah! Now there is finally some real compensation going on here!

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Remember awhile back when I told you about how Ticketmaster Had To Pay You Back For All Those Fees? Well at first, as part of retribution for the class action lawsuit that Ticketmaster lost after 13 years for all those “unfair and excessive fees” they were charging for awhile there, Ticketmaster was handing out discount codes to use towards an upcoming show hosted at Live Nation Venues.

The discount codes we're pretty minuscule if you asked pretty much anyone. Well, part of phase two of their retribution Ticketmaster has begun distributing FREE CONCERT TICKETS! So if you purchased tickets between 1999 and 2013 you might want to go and sign in to your Ticketmaster account. I know quite a few friends who have received their free ticket vouchers and if you are anything like my friends and you spend a lot of time at shows there may be a few free tickets waiting for you there! I had one friend who had 24 free tickets waiting for him! Now of course I can't remember my old ticket master info so I am currently patiently waiting for them to get back to me.

If you are looking for your vouchers just log in to Ticketmaster and go to the "My Account" page under your name in the top right corner and look for an Active Vouchers section in the left-hand menu and Enjoy your free shows!